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New Orleans General Manager Mickey Loomis back to the squad

New Orleans has found new life after General Manager Mickey Loomis came back to work as the Saints are in dire need of his management skills in this hour of crisis. The management of the New Orleans team is facing unprecedented problems at the moment and as a result the fan base is quite upset with the result of the things.
Loomis was currently out on an eight match suspension related to the NFL Bounty probe which has brought out the dirty side of things. However, Mickey Loomis’ first official assignment is to clear out the contract issue regarding Sean Payton. Roger Goodell, the NFL football commissioner has refused to extend Sean Payton’s contract till 2015, as was originally decided when the coach was assigned back in 2011.
According to a recent revelation it has been found that Sean Payton is not bound by a formal contract after the end of the current season and this has fuelled an outburst among the fans. Loomis needs to handle the issue quite delicately as this is a very sensitive case and any hasty decision could lead to a major crisis for the Saints.
Loomis is also charged with the duty of having to check out the proceedings of the NFL ban of Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith. Legal moves have so far delayed the proceedings and things are set to resume shortly.
Joe Witt, the Saint’s Assistant Head Coach said that there was nothing much to talk about when Loomis came back and Witt commented “The Saints are slowly but surely coming back to their glory days and Loomis is back to take care of the proceedings and daily functioning of the club.”
Loomis was heard reporting to an interviewer, “Sean is surely going to be the coach next year and he will carry the reputation on his responsible shoulders.” Vitt also did not approve of the fact that Sean will leave the side. He sounded rather skeptical of the facts.
Vitt in fact commented that, “This is the best side that there is in the tournament, I love everything related to the team, the players, the togetherness, everything.” He went on to comment that, “The upcoming games next week is the main focus for the squad and the Saints truly are the favorites to win the game.”
Scott Shanle, the Saints linebacker said that the issue was rather demoralizing. A problem of this stature should never be repeated if the team pride needs to be maintained.

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